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Can the heat pump be installed outside or in a basement?

Yes. This normally means the pump will be nearer to the pipe connections to the ground loops, which often makes the whole system easier to connect.

How much will a Heat Pump cost?

Every property is different and therefore we provide estimates based on floor area, other heat sources, age of property and levels of insulation. Ground Source Heat Pumps tend to be a little more expensive than Air Source and have additional ground work costs. A Heat Pump is likely to cost more than a standard heating system but should be an investment due to potential savings on fuel bills, plus proposed and current grant schemes. For independent advice about likely running costs and potential savings contact the Energy Saving Trust Please fill in our Request An Estimate form and we will be happy to give you an idea of cost based on your own installation requirements. If your request is urgent, please call our offices as email response can be slow during busy periods.

How efficient is a ground source heat pump system?

Modern ground source heat pump systems are very efficient. For each kilowatt of electricity used to run the heat pump, three to four kilowatts of heat can be delivered to the building. The efficiency of a GSHP installation is very dependent on the quality of the design and installation. The efficiency of the installation is improved by utilising solar recharge of the ground.

The Coefficient of Performance (“CoP”) of a heat pump system depends on the design and quality of the installation: from as low as 2 for an air source heat pump system in unfavourable conditions, up to 4 for an unassisted ground source heat pump, and up to 8 for a well-designed ground source heat pump system benefitting from solar recharge of the ground.

Are ground source systems environmentally friendly?

Yes. In the UK, there is now a strong move towards alternative technologies that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. 40% of CO2 emissions are derived from the heating and cooling of buildings. Using renewable sources of energy to heat buildings helps to reduce these carbon emissions, particularly when compared to burning fossil fuels. The arguments are even stronger where a building needs cooling in summer as well as heating in winter. Ground source heating and cooling provides sustainable energy by recycling heat between seasons.

How much money will I save on my heating and hot water bill?

Prices of fuel are extremely volatile so the answer will change depending on when you ask the question. Typically, however, a Heat Pump will save dramatic amounts against Oil and LPG and a healthy amount against mains gas. For independent advice contact the Energy Saving Trust

How safe is a Heat Pump?

Compared to a common boiler the heat pump is extremely safe. As an electrical based system, it has no naked flames and does not produce poisonous Carbon Monoxide, indeed with the Heat Pump the days of setting fire to a toxic substance to heat your home have gone. A Legionella prevention device is also contained inside the Heat Pump, a mechanism that is in advance of current domestic building regulations.

Can the Heat Pump provide my domestic hot water?

Yes. A heat pump is more than capable of meeting the domestic hot water needs of a property and can heat your water up to 60 degrees. Our Ground Source Heat Pumps are available as a neat single module with integral hot water cylinder, or we can provide additional larger water cylinders. Air Source Heat Pumps have a separate water cylinder which will be sized to your requirements.

Isn’t Heat Pump technology new and untested?

The technology is very old. The Heat Pump was imagined by Lord Kelvin in 1852 and developed by Peter Ritter von Rittinger in 1855. Each year, about 80,000 units are installed in the USA and 27,000 in Sweden. In the UK there are well over a 1000 Heat Pumps installed and their popularity with home builders continues to grow rapidly as people search for a renewable solution to both their high heating and hot water bills.

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