Domestic Case Study: Air Source Heat Pump

A 14kW single phase Mitsubishi air source heat pump installed into a 3 bedroom property located in South East Yorkshire. Floor area of the house is approximately 250 sqm with a good level of insulated.  Heat pump is servicing a new underfloor heating system on the ground floor and radiators on the first floor along with a pre-plumbed 250L DHW cylinder for hot water.

Installation of the heat pump, DHW cylinder and connections to the heating system took approximately 4 days.

Summary of Financial Benefits:

  • Approximate installation cost: £9,400 (plus VAT)
  • Estimated renewable heat incentive per annum: £1,363
  • Estimated savings against oil per annum: £740
  • Approximate combined yearly benefit: £2,103
  • Approximate payback: 5 years