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Are you entitled to any incentives?

Domestic and commercial properties are eligible for government funding through the
RHI (renewable heat incentive). We can show you step by step how you could be
eligible for this incentive which is index linked for 7 years.

Terraced House

A typical terraced house would benefit form an ASHP with a house size of 50-80sqm.

Small House
Small House

A small house would benefit from a ASHP heat pumps and potentially a GSHP depending on land available, house size 80-150sqm.

Large House
Large House

A large house tends to have more land and would benefit from a GSHP with ground loops, or if there is no land, boreholes, or a large ASHP.  150-500+sqm.


Most of our commercial properties benefit from a GSHP with boreholes, or in some circumstances twinned large ASHP’s.

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